Monday, April 9, 2012

Dance Moms: Candy Apple's Dance Center

I've mentioned numerous times before that Brooklyn and I enjoy watching Dance Moms together. In fact, it was watching this show that inspired Brooke to start taking dance class herself. Dance Moms is based on a studio located in Pittsburgh (Abby Lee Dance Company), but another studio is featured on it as well and it just so happens that it is in Canton, OH - a mere 20 minute drive from my Mom's house. So needless to say it was a no-brainer that Brooke and I absolutely had to go and do a drive-by this past weekend and check it out for ourselves.

We went with my Mom in the early afternoon and the studio was closed (which wasn't a surprise). We walked around outside for a few minutes, took some pictures, and spoke with some other fans that were there for the same reason as us. Just as we were about to jump in the car and leave, another group of fans came up and told us that they had just seen Cathy (the owner of Candy Apple's Dance Studio) at the mall and she told them they would be opening the studio at 3pm that day. Seeing as we were going to be shopping in the area and it was already nearly 2pm, I insisted that we come back later so Brooke and I might get the chance to meet Cathy and her daughter Vivi-Anne, and of course have a peek at the inside of the dance studio that we have seen on tv so many times before.

Fast forward to 4pm (yes, we got carried away while shopping) we pull back into the studio parking lot. It was pretty surreal because we could see Cathy's car parked there, so I knew she was inside. While we were getting out the car and I was getting my camera ready, the door flew open and Cathy came waltzing out. I stood there dumbfounded for a minute (for real, I would be hilarious in LA or NYC where movie/tv stars are abundant) and she said hello, and noticed I had my camera with me. She figured out why were there pretty fast (I'm sure she's getting used to this by now) and brought us inside to take a picture with her and her daughter Vivi-Anne. Brooklyn was dead quiet the entire time, I think she was feeling pretty star struck and knew it was a pretty big deal that she was meeting people she has been watching on tv. I literally had to force her to be in the picture with me, but at least we got a couple shots (thanks Mom!).

Now, many fans of Dance Moms view Cathy, Vivi-Anne and the rest of Candy Apple's Dance Center as the enemy. There has been plenty of drama between the two different studios, but show business is show business. Yes, it's a reality tv show, but even with reality tv it would naive of anybody to believe that it isn't at least somewhat scripted and that certain characters in the show are purposely made to look like the "bad guy". Not all the footage recorded will be aired, and it's easy to depict a different picture than what is actually going on. From our 10 minutes talking to Cathy, I think she is much nicer and sweeter than she is made out to be on Dance Moms. Not that it matters to me... I think she's hilarious, sassy and smart on Dance Moms. The show would be awfully boring without the added spunk and drama she brings to the show! Her daughter Vivi-Anne is much taller in person than I imagined her to be. She's polite and kind, just like Cathy. Both of them are beautiful and were generous enough to take the time out of their day to speak with us and take some pictures, and that meant a lot to Brooke and I.

Overall, it was a really exciting day for us and I'm glad we were lucky enough to meet Cathy & Vivi-Anne. Even though Brooke was silent and scared the entire time, I know that made an impact on her to be able to meet people she watches on tv. I wonder what she'll say the next time she sees them on Dance Moms?

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